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Welcome to The site is a collection of notes and links for my personal use but feel free to look around.
-- Dave / 2012-09-11

  • About Me - Resume and a collection of my various web homes.
  • Boardgames - I can't play much until roughly June of 2015 but I enjoy board gaming.
  • Books - I love books.
  • Cleaner - Notes about maintenance at my wife's dry cleaner
  • Cooking - a recent, meaning last week, undertaking so that I can eat better.
  • Exercise
  • Household - Fridge model and junk like that.
  • Money - Money mgt info
  • Music
  • NetWiki - Various notes related to my being a network engineer and general geek.
  • Scripting? - I'm not good enough to call it programming but I enjoy Perl, PHP, etc.
  • Shopping - A place to stash research links for stuff I'm thinking of buying.
  • Software - A place to list software that I use.
  • Quotes
  • Poly-ticks - Many blood-sucking insects
  • The Junk Drawer - A place to keep random junk until I figure out what to do with it.
  • Jobs - Anything related to employment
  • SAT Vocabulary

  • WebDesign - Stuff related to the making of web pages which I can just barely do.
  • WikiNotes - Quick reference and notes on modifications I've made.

  • Spammers - Companies and web sites that have lost or sold my email address.
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