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PmWiki Cookbook Recipes installed

  • Attachtable
    • Adds rename and delete functions to the attachments page
  • CSVAction
    • Adds an action to export tables to CSV
  • RecipeCheck
    • Adds a function to check whether recipes have been updated
  • Web Admin
    • Adds a file admin capability, I updated it with the request_dump fix on the page above and I linked "webadmin" at the top to that page.
  • WikiStylesPlus
    • Adds additional wiki styles that I can never remember to use.
    • I added a link to the help box below but I don't remember to look there.

2012-04-30: Use rules=all frame=box instead of border=1 cellspacing=0 for finer lines on tables.

To Do


Reference and Examples

Setting the background color of a block.

 This is preformatted text, indented, on a light grey background.

Possibly useful

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